Kobe Gyu Taku Yakiniku & Steak, SS15

Posted: 2009-12-01 by W in 5.0 - 5.9, Eat, GPS, Japanese, Lunch, Maiden Experience, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian
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... store front with rather plain fascia.

... metal grill with fire stove below.

... dancing fire under the grill.

... Kuma's hamburg set.

... my salmon set.

... salmon wrapped in aluminium foil.

... aluminium foil expanded and about to explodes.

... cut up the aluminium foil and revealed the salmon baked in cheese.

... watermelon as dessert.

Rating: 5/10

Today we went to a new Japanese BBQ restaurant in SS15. Though it has been there for quite some time but we’ve never had the thoughts of stopping by there due to the difficulty in finding a parking. Unlike most Japanese restaurant in the vicinity, this was BBQ style, somewhat like Korean BBQ meals. It was a place that serves mainly beef, beef to be grilled. Despite the shop’s name having the word “Kobe”, but I don’t think they serve genuine Kobe beef as the price doesn’t seem to indicate so.

Anyway, to make things simple, we ordered the lunch set each cost RM28. My salmon was rather special which needed to be grilled for 5 minutes. The salmon doesn’t have the usual fishy stink from salmon served in other Japanese restaurant. Probably because of the cheese and mushroom to negates the smell. Kuma’s hamburg beef was rather nice and the portion was big too. Perhaps something I’d try on next visit, or maybe I’ll just order the beef for grilling. SL’s chicken was mediocre. After the lunch, we were served with watermelon slices as dessert. I find that the watermelon has some weird taste in it, but I can’t point out what it was like.

Location: N3 04.515 E101 35.287 (est)

  1. Henry says:

    I think this place is a total SCAM!!

    The so called beef buffet of RM48.90 ++ is a total misrepresentation. The beef cuts were rough and too heavily marinated. It was more a chicken buffet than beef buffet as shown in the picture. Waitress misrepresent over the phone saying that there will only be few slices of chicken, but turned out to be half a chicken with few slices of low grade beef.

    Best of all, the waitress threaten to charge for unconsumed amount which were made up of fat, chicken skin and tendon.

    Better off to head elsewhere, or one could pay unreasonable prices for the ala carte beef.

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