Everyday Food Court, Puchong

Posted: 2009-11-05 by W in 7.0 - 7.9, Chinese, Eat, GPS, Maiden Experience, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Pork Free, Supper
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Fried Balitong

... fried balitong, something I've never had for a very very long time.

Roasted Pigeon

... roasted pigeon, a rarity in local food courts.

Rating: 7/10

Went to nearby food court with EL after an XM session. He said there’s nice roasted pigeon there. So we went to try and we ordered both roasted pigeon and fried balitong. Roasted pigeon was nice, the outer layer was sweet, glazed in honey. The meat was salted and seasoned with cinnamon powder as well. The fried balitong was nice too, reminds me of my childhood.

Location: N3 02.277 E101 37.094

  1. AT says:

    OOhhh….. I went to Bintulu, then u 2 person go to eat holiao la!!!!

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