Secret Recipe, Glenmarie

Posted: 2009-11-04 by W in 4.0 - 4.9, Drink, Eat, GPS, Halal, Lunch, Non-vegetarian, Western
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Mango Delight

... the last piece of Mango Delight in the counter. Yes, it was leftover from yesterday.

Set Lunch

... ALGJ's set lunch, chicken in BBQ sauce.

Flavoured Latte

... the aptly named flavoured latte. I went with hazelnut syrup.

Rating: 4/10

My Mango Delight cake was a mess when it was delivered to me. Instead of standing by itself, it was laid down sleeping like a lazy pig. What a way to serve your patron their precious slice cake! I had to flip it up to take photo of it, though the cake looked like it was just gutted by a robber. My latte was nothing to complain about, but for RM7.50 each, I prefer something more tasty.

ALGJ’s chicken set looks nice though, especially that sauce. I might have guessed it wrongly, it could’ve been sweet and sour sauce. Unfortunately, she was super hungry today as she cleaned the whole plate, without any leftover for me to try.

Location: N3 05.692 E101 35.231

  1. AT says:

    Excuse me, is BBQ sauce, not tomato sauce!!!

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