Aglio Olio

... aglio olio pasta.

Rating: 0/10

This aglio olio linguine was very spicy and yet it was tasteless. Not salted at all. I was expecting it to be soak in olive oil with plenty of garlic, unfortunately, it was soaked in spicy oil. The only tasteful stuff were those beef bacons. Fortunately, the Extreme Latte was still nice. At least it was nicer than The Ultimate Extreme Mocha from Coffee Bean that I had last night, which was practically tasteless and lacked of coffee fragrance.

Fried Chicken

... Shihlin's boneless fried chicken.

Rating: 5/10

A new outlet of Shihlin opened in IOI Mall’s new wing. AT spotted it from where she sat. If I knew Shihlin was there, I would’ve had it for dinner as I was thinking of having it before looking for EL & AT, but time wouldn’t permit. Perhaps next time I’ll have dinner there instead.


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