Nasi Lemak @ Restoran Wong Soon Kee, SS14

Posted: 2009-09-05 by W in 7.0 - 7.9, Breakfast, Chinese, Drink, Eat, GPS, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian
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... sea coconut longan drink.

... sea coconut longan drink.

... plain nasi lemak.

... plain nasi lemak.

Rating: 7/10

I was there early expecting to have a plate of satisfying nasi lemak with nice fried chicken. Unfortunately, the fried chicken only available from 2pm onward. At least I get to know that the stall opens even during lunch time and even better, there’s fried chicken during lunch, on Saturday.

Location: N3 04.360 E101 35.356

  1. ming says:

    have not tried this for more than 15 years.. still good huh?

    • W says:

      Yeah, it was crazy when I came after 2pm on Saturday. The queue almost went all the way till the main road.

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