Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Sunway Pyramid

Posted: 2009-09-04 by W in 7.0 - 7.9, Eat, Halal, Lunch, Non-vegetarian, Western
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Today I celebrate PCL’s belated birthday. Brought her to Sunway Pyramid for some shrimpy actions. We came here once long long ago, which I didn’t not blog about. And back then, it was newly opened and do not accepts credit cards. Which surprised both of us. Past experience told us that, this place has some really nice tasting shrimps, not because they were very fresh, but the preparation method was excellent.

... PCL ordered the Bourbon Street Baramundi.

... PCL ordered the Bourbon Street Baramundi.

... while I ordered the Shrimp New Orleans.

... while I ordered the Shrimp New Orleans.

Rating: 7/10

It was difficult to choose which was better from the 2 choices that we made. The Bourbon Street Baramundi has the shrimps all stripped naked of its shells, soaked in special mixed sauce. Garnish with a big slap of mashed potato acupuntured with stripped tortillas. There were some fish fillet laid over the mashed potato, which was similar in colour. Fish fillet was mildly grilled to retains its moist. Though the fish fillets weren’t very fresh because PCL was irking over the foul smell emitting from this type of fish.

As for the Shrimp New Orleans, the shrimps were half shelled and sauteed over garlic butter sauce. The shrimps have good fragrance to it because of the sauteed garlic butter, which soaked deep into the shrimp’s meat. This style reminds me of the Cajun Shrimp I once had on my first visit here. It even has a similar piece of garlic bread on it. The only difference was, this has a bowl of rice over it. The sauce from the effect of sauteed was good to be eaten together with the rice.

The shrimps used weren’t overly fresh, though they could’ve been better. But the preparation methods was great, which made everything tastes quite nice. Based on my first experience, do stay away from fried shrimps in batter. They aren’t nice.

Without taking the price into consideration, it could easily score a well 8/10 on it because they were quite good, especially the sauteed items. But the price was indeed a bit steep just for a lunch. And the nature of this diet was really bad. I bet my strict diet monitor was wailing.

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