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... nasi lemak, highly recommended by AC.

... nasi lemak, highly recommended by AC.

Rating: 6.5/10

I packed this nasi lemak right after I had my lunch. I have to try it out as it was highly recommended by AC, as he quoted, “Even my friend from Penang said it’s nice.” When I was there during lunch time, the stall was not opened or not tended by anyone. After my lunch today, while walking to my car, I had a peep and found a woman tending to the stall. I decided to pack a plain one.

I was expecting it to have only curry as the main condiments. Fortunately, it does come with sambal and it tasted good too! The curry wasn’t runny like most Chinese nasi lemak I had. Though unfortunately, the rice wasn’t exactly lemaky. It felt like the leftover rice from the economy rice stall besides the nasi lemak stall. It would score a solid 7.5 if the rice was genuine nasi lemak. There was only O-N-E anchovy in the sambal as well. Not that I’m complain, since I’m still on my strict diet regimen. Anyway, it’s gonna be a nasi lemak that I’ll come back for more, hopefully she’s working over the weekends.

Boy! Was I full…

Location: N3 04.360 E101 35.356

... had it once, and wanted more.

... had it once, and wanted more.

Rating: 4/10

I had these yam cakes last Friday as TSL packed them for me. There weren’t exactly tasty but the chilli paste given was really nice. Basically, I wanted only the chilli paste, but I had to grab something. I had the glutinous rice as well, but they don’t go well with the chilli. So, yam cake it is. If only the shop has nasi lemak also.

Location: N3 04.357 E101 35.482 (est)


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