Dave’s Deli, Subang Parade

Posted: 2009-06-25 by W in 5.0 - 5.9, Eat, GPS, Lunch, Non-halal, Pork Free, Vegetarian, Western
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... TSL's tuna sandwich. RM12 for this.

... TSL's tuna sandwich. RM12 for this.

... KW's chicken.

... KW's chicken.

... my healthy vegetarian sandwich.

... my healthy vegetarian sandwich.

Rating: 5.5/10

Dave’s Deli wouldn’t be my choice of lunch, usually. But today was exceptional since they all frowned upon the offering from Esquire Kitchen for the day. I had a vegetarian sandwich, seeing that it should conforms to my strict diet, except for the bread. The sandwich was exceptionally good being meatless. The bread was quite nice and easy to cut up due to the crispy crust. The inside was stuffed with tomato slices and pineapples, webbed in melted cheese. Tasted pretty nice. I finished 3/4 of it. I was already full. It’s RM11 each though. With additional RM1, you could get the tuna sandwich.

Location: N3 04.957 E101 35.145

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