Nasi Lemak Jalan 223 (Behind Kah Bintang Hyundai Showroom Jln 222)

Posted: 2009-06-19 by damienloong in Uncategorized

Hidden behind the hustle and bustle of Jalan 222 Petaling Jaya, I always wondered where is this famous nasi lemak is located. I’ve been hearing my colleagues and friends raving about it, little that i know that the famous nasi lemak is sold everywhere in this food court. Basically there are 2 major `suppliers` for the nasi lemak which also operates in this same food court, the red and the blue. That is how you get constant supply of forever `warm` nasi lemaks as they only pack as of when those put on the table are sold out !

Apart from that, they also serve some good mutton soup and otak otak, which I think very good condiments to go with your piping hot packet of nasi lemak.

The red labelled nasi lemak which IMHO, the best served here.nasi-lemak-red

Red labeled Nasi Lemak, which served with 1/2 hard boiled egg and sambal with crunchy

The blue labeled nasi lemak…..wet spicy…taste just like our schoolday’s canteen 50 cents nasi lemak.IMGP0216nasi-lemak-blue

Sup kambing, rich n thick, nicely spiced with a huge tinge of pepperIMGP0205

Otak otak served here are also supplied by 2 different stalls. I did not try them as I always get a stomach upset whenever i put otak otak into my stomach 😦IMGP0213IMGP0208

Conclusion is, the red label nasi lemak rawked overall while the sup kambing makes a good side dish to go with your nasi lemak. Be prepared to get into a state of confusion when you dine here as the moment you sit down, the waiters from the drinks, soup and other stalls flock around your table and starts to offer you their specialities.

Coordinates : N3 06.036 E101 37.965


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