PG was in town and he asked for dinner yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to join my colleagues for dinner because we just came off from OH’s office. So today I bring the lady out for lunch instead. He said he wanted something nice, premium perhaps. Definitely not something roadside or non-air conditioned place. I can’t think of anything for lunch, I asked him to ring DL up to see if he has any idea.

DL was too KO’ed from the early morning hike in FRIM, he said he can’t think of anything because his brain was sucked dry by those leeches. Anyway, I suggested that we go to Solaris since PG never been there. And perhaps we could try out Ole-Ole Bali. Yes, it’s my day off on strict diet this weekends.

Unfortunately, when we were there, DL said he heard of few not so pleasant comments on Ole-Ole Bali. Then I suggested to go for Michelangelo’s instead, since someone recommended the vongole pasta there. Well, the price tag definitely fits what PG wanted, though there were rarely any air cond because we were seated on the outside. All for the sake of nicer photos.

If I didn’t see any aglio olio on the menu, I would’ve definitely go for the vongole pasta. Seeing that I’m a sucker for aglio olio, I can’t help it but to order it. Instead of spaghetti, I asked for linguine. On the other hand, DL was tempting PG with his cup of Guinness Stout while PG can barely hold it.

... apparently, I was allowed to order a cup of fruit mix. Apple and watermelon juice mix. Not the 3rd type though.

... apparently, I was allowed to order a cup of fruit mix. Apple and watermelon juice mix. Not the 3rd type though.

... yup, RM9 cup of fruit juice and all I got was a cup of diluted fruit juice.

... yup, RM9 cup of fruit juice and all I got was a cup of diluted fruit juice.

... aglio olio linguine. Doesn't look appetizing at all.

... aglio olio linguine. Doesn't look appetizing at all.

... PG's spaghetti marinara sizzle. The pan was seriously sizzling hot.

... PG's spaghetti marinara sizzle. The pan was seriously sizzling hot.

... this pepperoni calzone pizza smell damn good.

... this pepperoni calzone pizza smell damn good.

Rating: 4.5/10

My cup of fresh fruit juice was rather exceptional. Yes, it was exceptionally bad. Look at how badly diluted it was. 90% water and 10% fruit stuffs. It was RM9 a cup, I bet they use Evian mineral water on this. My aglio olio linguine was really bad. Aside from the rather non-existent aglio olio scent, the linguine was rather hard, almost uncooked. The taste, it was bland and I can’t feel any garlic taste at all. DL was complaining north, east, south and west on that spoonful of linguine that he had. RM18.90 for a plate of nothingness. Very good!

PG gave me a clam and mussel. They were both juicy, though the clam was rather tasteless. It was mildly cook, so it was tender. I guess that’s why the vongole pasta was good. The mussel was sweet though. DL complained that the seafood was not fresh on PG’s pasta. That’s what PG said, the prawns were not fresh. And my comment? The sauce tasted like kerosene.

Somehow, the pizza was nice though. The fragrance was good and the taste was above average. Better than most of the pizzas out there. DL whom was lactose intolerant was liking it. He said he took the piece without those cheese on the topping. Yeah right, he totally sucking on the molten cheese the middle layer. Though the pepperoni was rather lacking but the nice fragrance and taste made up for the sparing ingredients.

With such pricey tag, I guess I won’t be seeing the lights of Michelangelo’s anytime soon. Though we found out that, on 3rd June (or onward?), Michelangelo’s is having 50% off promotion on their main course, provided payment is made with Public Bank’s credit cards. Perhaps I might stop by for… a vongole spaghetti.

Location: N3 10.540 E101 39.599

  1. TriStupe says:

    Hi there.

    Permission to use your fruit juice image in my blog : on an entry on Fruit Juice.

    Will credit and link back to this blog entry.

    Let me know if that is ok.

    Many thanks!

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