Nyonya Fried @ Restoran Kwai Sun, SS15

Posted: 2009-05-26 by W in 6.0 - 6.9, Eat, GPS, Lunch, Maiden Experience, Malay, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Pork Free
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Finally, I’ve have the chance to eat here. TSL recommended me the mee Jawa here the last time when I was having 1 in Well Cook Gourmet. She told me the mee Jawa by the nyonya stall was nice. Then AC told me about the fried noodle nyonya of the same place as well when he was having Restoran Sedap’s fried noodle some time back. Since today’s weather was good, I decided to go there for a trial.

... came here for the nyonya fried noodle.

... came here for the nyonya fried noodle.

... mee rebus, or mee Jawa.

... mee rebus, or mee Jawa.

... mee goreng, nyonya style.

... mee goreng, nyonya style.

Rating: 6.5/10

The mee rebus, as the lady boss of the stall calls it, was indeed nicer than Well Cook Gourmet’s mee Jawa. It as authentic as it should be, having sliced potatoes and crackers, unlike the one I had in Well Cook Gourmet, was garnished with dried squids and no potatoes. The fried noodle was similar to my hometown’s mamak’s fried noodle. Not bad at all, a bit wet and sourish taste. The noodles were only RM4 per plate, while I was paying through my nose for the 1 at Well Cook Gourmet, which was RM5.50 each. I’ll come again for the fried noodle next time.

Location: N3 04.695 E101 35.272

  1. AT says:

    mee goreng, nyonya style????

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