Dinner @ Office

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The pain was quite unbearable already, fortunately it was close to dinner time. I was thinking of just taking the pills without having anything at first because I was still quite full from my lunch. But I do not want to take the risk of vomiting everything out later. Fortunately, there were some leftover toasts from lunch earlier. 2 pieces of LGFL’s corn & tuna toasts and 1 piece of KUMA’s potato salad toast. I picked the potato salad toast instead because of the strict diet that I had to observe from now onward…

... KUMA's potato salad toast leftover from today's lunch.

... KUMA's potato salad toast leftover from today's lunch.

Rating: 5.5/10

When I opened the container, I could only smell durian-like smell. I thought the toast was a goner. Anyway, I had to get something in first so I just chomped it down. The toast itself has turned soggy, rather soft, but no complain there. The potato salad was quite amazing actually. Some potatoes were seriously hurt when this was made. It has really genuine potato taste in it. Not too much on the egg or mayo, it was just right (I can assure you I wasn’t too hungry to have misjudge it). Despite being soggy on the bread itself, it was still pretty cold. The salad itself was already cold to begin with.

Do not proceed if you are against drugs consumption…

My doctor prescribed these 2 goodies for me. 1 painkiller and the other anti-christ anti-crystal-meth. I’m highed! 😀

... painkiller, for the P4!N I've been going through the whole day.

... painkiller, for the P4!N I've been going through the whole day.

... anti-crystalline tablets.

... anti-crystalline tablets.

I guess I’d have to go on hiatus for at least a month to observe the strict diet. I’m left with only eggs, toufoo (beancurds) and milk (I call it the ETM). Wish me luck and yourself too. Hope you don’t retch from looking at what I’m about to eat for the following 1 month. If you are wondering how do these 3 pills taste like. They were pretty… bland. Should have coated them with sugar like M&M to attracts more people to consume them. The Business Development Manager should be fired!


PS: The P4!N still here…

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