Ajisen Ramen, Sunway Pyramid

Posted: 2008-11-11 by W in 7.0 - 7.9, Dinner, Drink, Eat, GPS, Japanese, Maiden Experience, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian
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Today DC wanted to buy a cute toy, so we, a bunch of colleagues went to Sunway Pyramid. EL came to meet up with us. Then they decided to eat Ajisen Ramen. At first I was thinking of having something lighter. Unfortunately, there weren’t many choices when they don’t agree on having Senjyu Sushi.

… free flow of cold green tea.

… shallots chopped into pieces.

… EL’s Volcano Ramen and it’s really really spicy, as he claimed. I tried, indeed it does. Burning my mouth through my through the moment I put it in my mouth.

… AT’s Spicy Chasiu Ramen.

… HL’s Fish Ramen but I saw half an egg only though.

… DC has to keep fit after paying so much for his cute toy, so he had the cheapest food for the evening, pork tare.

… as for mine, it’s Sizzling Plate Kung Pao Chicken Ramen.

Rating: 7/10

EL’s Volcano Ramen’s soup was really nice. He warned me that it’s gonna be really spicy. At first, from the look of it, it doesn’t look that spicy. When I had a sip, I finally understood what he meant. It wasn’t exactly the kind of spicy that burn your tongue like hell’s inferno but it’s more like sourish spicy stuff that attacks your throat. If you are not careful, you’ll choke on your own soup. I’m looking forward to give it a try the next time, now that I know how it taste. But that bowl of ramen costs nearly RM20. As for mine, it was exceptionally… good. It’s kind of different from the rest because it’s dried and the noodle was sizzling when it was served. It was sweet and salty, more sweet than salty with a lot of shallot. I’ll definitely go back again for second round.

Location: N3 04.363 E101 36.431

  1. […] time I managed to get my KUMA out for dinner. She wanted to try the Ajisen Ramen since she saw my post on my previous visit. After we have sat down, the rest of them, HL, DC and NAP went off for […]

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