Restoran Bibiwok, Puchong

Posted: 2008-11-08 by W in 5.0 - 5.9, Dinner, Drink, Eat, GPS, Halal, Maiden Experience, Non-vegetarian, Thai

My old friend, TSW asked me for dinner, he said he’s buying. So for his convenience, I suggested to have dinner in Puchong. Aside from it being nearer to his place, I could take this opportunity to add another food post that I had in Puchong.

Initially, he wanted to bring me to eat crabs there. When we were rounding the area finding for parking, I saw Restoran Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood, which I had before last time in Kepong. Unfortunately, he falls victim to the idea of cheap crab, with fine prints. I called him immediately to abandon the idea and explained to him regarding my previous experience after we parked our cars. Hence, we ended up here, a place where both of us has never been to.

… fusion of Nyonya style and Thai. Check out the Thai BBQ steamboat upstairs.

… 1 of my favourite tidbits that could be offered. I wonder which brand was this from. It’s sweet and salty.

… black covered menu with simple design.

… don’t be fooled by its look. It wasn’t cendol drink like those you found in Malacca because soy milk was used rather than coconut milk.

… the omelette (I couldn’t recall what was this on the menu).

… deep fried boneless chicken meat. A dish which is similar to 1 offered in Dragon-i, except this was less spicier.

fiddlehead ferns (paku pakis) cooked with tuna.

Rating: 5/10

I was very hungry during the dinner time, so I could have rated this higher than it should be due to the fact (yeah, my fact) that the human tongue would perceives foods more positively when one is hungry. Starting off with the drink. It tasted weird having soy milk rather than coconut milk, aside from that. The red beans carry hints of bitterness and charred fragrance, probably due to them being overly toasted.

The omelette was nice, just like 芙蓉蛋. The chef put in a little extra touch to it by adding lemon grass in it. As for the chicken, I would rather had the one from Dragon-i. The dried chilies were crunchy though, but they were rather tasteless and not suitable for heavy consumption. Lastly, the vegetable was something unexpected. It was extraordinarily good. The presence of tuna was weird at first, but once I got used to the taste, I started to enjoy it.

I guess I won’t be paying the place a 2nd visit. Probably only for the BBQ steamboat. Besides, Bumbu Bali is just opposite the place, where I’ve heard of good recommendations. It would be a difficult choice for me on my next visit to Puchong for dinner.

Location: N3.02342 E101.61543

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