Full House Lifestyle & Cafe, NZX

Posted: 2008-11-06 by W in 7.0 - 7.9, Chinese, Drink, Eat, GPS, Lunch, Malay, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Western

I came to this place for dinner the night before. When I told my colleague that the fries were nice here, she said she’d want to have lunch here. I guess coming here 2 times consecutively doesn’t hurt.

… lime juice which I requested upon, instead of iced lemon tea.

… unfortunately, their utensils weren’t clean enough. It’s residue of chocolate foam from previous serving.

… my mushroom soup that came with the lunch set.

… my colleagues had a carbonara spaghetti.

… deep fried soft shell crab, for only RM9.90

… chicken chop with unique gravy.

… finally, it came with vanilla ice cream as dessert.

Rating: 7/10

We ordered ala carte on our first visit here for dinner the night before. Today, while my colleague was flipping through the set meals pages on their menu, only I realized that the prices were a lot more reasonable. Why haven’t I thought of it? All thanked to its confusing looking cartoon pages, which made concentrating on the important text difficult.

My chicken chop gravy was really nice and the meat was tender. The carbonara spaghetti was appetizing too because the sauce used was not too thick. Mushroom soup was well within the acceptable limit but the dessert was a little weird. I use it to counter the sourness in my lemon juice. My colleague was cringing when she was drinking it. I don’t understand why would she accept the lime juice as she doesn’t take sour drinks. I could have given her my iced lemon tea instead of my bargaining with the waitress on changing my drink to lime juice from iced lemon tea.

Location: N3.11497 E101.58974


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