Nutri Malt

Posted: 2008-11-02 by W in 6.0 - 6.9, Drink

This was the other half dozen of Malta drink that I bought as opposed to Malta Quench. It tasted very much like what I tasted a few years back. Many can’t stand the taste of this kind of malt drink. I believe it’s an acquired taste as I’ve grown to like it. This 1 is by Carlsberg Brewery. Can’t say the same for its beer, but I preferred this malt drink over Guinness’.

Rating: 6/10

Despite how it looks, the uglier looking exterior, this definitely tasted a lot better than the lousy Malta Quench. I admit I got carried away by the nicer packaging on Malta Quench, but I shall remember that the next time when I go for my grocery shopping.

  1. daryl says:

    nutrimalt from carlsberg had better taste and nutrition than malta from guinness’. even if it cost the same as malta its still much better because it contains vitamin c in it. perfect drink to recuperate after donating blood or after heavy workout 🙂

  2. Noami says:

    Where can I buy this drink in Singapore?

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