Restoran Raihan Nasi Kandar, Seksyen U1, Shah Alam

Posted: 2008-10-30 by W in 5.0 - 5.9, Eat, GPS, Halal, Lunch, Maiden Experience, Malay, Non-vegetarian

My SAP workshop session has ran overtime today, so I missed my lunch with the others. DC was together in my session. Initially we decided to join HL and the rest at the nearby nasi lemak place. While on the way there, DC reminded me about the nasi kandar place they went last time, as recommended by other colleague.

… Restoran Raihan, located in the heard of Glenmarie industrial area.

… the crowds were colossal. It consists of 2 shop lots adjoining to each other.

… variety of gravies, but the server was mixing the standard issue mixture of gravies for everyone.

… pots of gold, the fried chickens that everyone would want a piece or 2 of.

… standard issued including a fried chicken drumstick.

Rating: 5.5/10

The first time I heard from the rest was, the colleague whom recommended this said that this is a cheap place to have nasi kandar. They did let me in onto the price they were charging, wasn’t exactly cheap, but not too expensive either. Before I even started eating, DC has warned me a couple of times not to take too many chickens, mainly because they were very salty and the price wasn’t cheap. So, as advised, I took only one. The gravy mixed were acceptable but I still prefer Saji‘s gravy mix. As for the chicken, it was not the ordinary fried chicken, instead very little of frying flour was used. It was indeed true that the chicken was very salty, my tongue felt numb when consuming the chicken.

Location: N3.07991 E101.55651

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