BBQ Chicken, Taipan Triangle

Posted: 2008-10-30 by W in 7.0 - 7.9, Dinner, Drink, Eat, GPS, Halal, Korean, Non-vegetarian

Despite my bad experience on my maiden visit to BBQ Chicken, I decided to give it a go this time when my colleague suggested to go for BBQ Chicken as dinner. We called EL along and he called his gf as well. That made up to the 6 of us, including LGJ, whom rarely join us for dinner.

… I’ve scrutinized this cup of drink and its straw very carefully in order not to suck a whole colony of ants into my mouth.

… mango juice against a yellow shirt, EL’s gf.

… DC the potato lover, ordered 8 mashed potatoes. The so-called mashed potatoes weren’t that nice but the gravy was appetizing. Fortunately, they were really hungry and eat like vultures, hence we don’t have any mashed potatoes leftovers.

… Teri-Q fried chicken. I wanted to take a picture of the whole plate of 6 Teri-Q chicken, but those vultures were too fast handed. This was all I got.

… DC’s favourite, Korean Charbroiled.

… the not nice fries which we couldn’t get rid of when placing our orders.

… Jerk chicken. Similar to Korean Charbroiled but it has bones instead.

… I think this was called “Pat Su Bing” or something. Korean style ais kacang.

… lastly, an extra order of chicken strips. These were really nice, came with a bowl of mild mustard.

Rating: 7/10

Despite me telling DC that Teri-Q was nicer than Korean Charbroiled, he still insisted on ordering the 8-piece Korean Charbroiled Family set, while we only had 1 piece of Teri-Q chicken each. The Jerk Chicken was nothing to should about, it tasted the same as Korean Charbroiled, except it has bones in it. They all said that it was nicer than the charbroiled instead. Teri-Q chicken was fried till crisp but not charred. It remained crunchy despite being served for 10 minutes. I wonder did they user straw in their oil technique.

The dessert was being vultured by they rest of them as well. Fortunate enough, I don’t think I could finish it alone either. It contains abundance of red beans, which was my favourite part of the dessert. There were some nata de coco as well as slices of peach, if I’m not mistaken. Surprisingly, it even contains muachi! Not exactly the kind of stuff I’d want in my ais kacang.

I’d definitely want another 1 or 2 more of Teri-Q chicken! 2 more chicken strips wouldn’t hurt either. Since they were fried with olive oil, I don’t think it would be that bad. BTW, the bill came up to RM172+ inclusive of all the useless taxes.

Location: N3.04782 E101.58543

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