Restoran Hao Wei Dao, NZX

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This restaurant has been in running in NZX for quite some time already. But I’ve only noticed it about 2 months back when taking a walk in NZX. I’ve wanted to give this place a try but I can’t seem to find the right time. Finally, I came to this place today with my colleague.

… honey sea coconut drink, RM2.50.

… clam soup with lots of lots of claims in it, only for RM7.90. Choices of spicy or non-spicy. I could see 2 jalapeños on top of the soup for spicing up the flavour. Yummy!

… my colleague’s mushroom soup, RM7.90. Smooth and milky.

… I was eager to try out their garlic bread. 5 piece for RM3.20.

… finally, a bacon omelette. This would be our main course.

Rating: 7/10

The drink was nice for its price, with plenty of sea coconut. Garlic bread was mediocre, I couldn’t done better garlic breads. The soups were excellent. My colleague loved her mushroom soup, while my spicy clam soup was nice too, with hint of herbal in it. The omelette was nice, but my colleague said it was too salty. The eggs were salted and along with bacon strips, which were already salty, it made it even saltier. At least this omelette was a lot tastier and appetizing than Bamboo Cafe‘s and Cake Walk Cafe‘s counterparts, which were practically tasteless. Perhaps they should have put some cheese in it to balance out the salty taste. The bill came up to around RM33 for 2 pax, with less than filling food.

I would like to visit the place more often to try out other choices on the menu. There were just so many to choose from and I’

Location: N3.11497 E101.58972

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