Pan mee @ Ming Tien, Taman Megah

Posted: 2008-10-27 by W in 4.0 - 4.9, Chinese, Eat, GPS, Lunch, Maiden Experience, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

I noticed this pan mee stall in Ming Tien food court has innovated itself with more varieties of choices on my last visit here. This time, I decided to give it a shot because I saw a malat pan mee (麻辣板麵) on their menu board. Instead of soup based pan mee, this one is serving dried type.

… served with a saucer of chili, a bowl of soup with 2 slices of fish cake and there were plenty of shallots and sesame seeds.

Rating: 4.5/10

Initially, the first few bites were quite nice. Probably I was expecting too much, soon the bowl of noodle turns sour (not literally). There were only a little bit of malat sauce used while majority was the black soy sauce used to darken the noodle. It was very very oily which irks me quite a bit. For only RM4.50, it was really big bowl. Perhaps it would have tasted better if they don’t give so much of noodle because by the time I was finishing it, I felt stuffed.

Coordinates: N3.11424 E101.61169

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