Pizza Hut, Subang Parade

Posted: 2008-10-23 by W in 4.0 - 4.9, Drink, Eat, Halal, Lunch, Non-vegetarian, Western

My boss’ wife, KK asked me out for lunch today. She said she wanted to eat garlic bread, but when I wanted to recommend her Bamboo Cafe for garlic bread, she immediately added that she wanted to eat pizza as well. It would mean that I’m not gonna get any pizza because she only eats Hawaiian Chicken pizza and I don’t really like that item on Pizza Hut’s menu.

… this combo set contains a mushroom soup, garlic bread and a cup of drink.

… I ordered an ala carte Aglio Prawn.

Rating: 4/10

The garlic bread was only so-so, Bamboo Cafe serves better garlic bread. Probably because it was done with gardenia loaf where slices were thinner than this. The soup was saltier than usual, not sure if it was because of the abundance of tabasco that I shook on it. My pasta was much better than the last time I had it, though it was a bit dry, lacked of raw chopped garlic and olive oil. Instead, it was filled with fried chopped garlic instead.

The ordering was not flexible at all. Initially, KK wanted to order the lunch combo, but the pizza choice doesn’t include Hawaiian Chicken. While I wanted to try their Thai pasta combo and upgrade the lousy breadstix to garlic bread, but I wasn’t allowed to do so because I could only upgrade when there are 4 breadstix, instead of 2.

Lat: 3° 4’56.31″N
Long: 101°35’9.08″E

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