Don Sushi, Carrefour

Posted: 2008-10-21 by W in 8.0 - 8.9, Dinner, Eat, Japanese, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Promotion

The 3 of us, me, DC and HL went to Don Sushi for dinner. DC has been crying for healthy food as he no longer get soup from his mother, ever since he has moved out from his home in Klang. Seeing that eating sushi is considered healthy, he insisted on having Don Sushi. Sushi King was out of the picture though due to the banning that we put on it for not serving unagi during the bonanza period.

… started off with unagi sushi.

… self explanatory if you got follow my sushi eating pattern.

… 6 soft shell crab temaki, 2 of each of us at RM4.90 each piece.

… Don Sushi is running a promotion for unagi temaki at RM6.90, buy 1 free 1. A very good deal. We each had 2 of it.

… somehow, the soft shell crab wasn’t as big as the last time I had it, but the ebiko is still there.

… Alaska Maki, RM18.90. 2 huge ass soft shell crab towering on the side of the maki. Plenty of ebiko in it.

Rating: 8.5/10

It was a nice dinner. No ants were found in my straw today. I’ve had no complains on the soft shell crab temaki. Though they don’t have unagi sushi like those in Sushi King or Senjyu Sushi, but the buy 1 free 1 unagi temaki make up for the lacked of unagi sushi, in a much better way.

The dinner went up to over RM100. DC was holding 2 cash vouchers where RM10 off a bill that cost RM50, per bill. Fortunately, the attendant was friendly enough to help us split the bill at the payment counter, so we could utilize the cash vouchers to knock off RM20 on the total bill. He didn’t whine or showed any discontent on our idea. Such good service!

… voila! Promotions during the Deepavali festive season!

I’m going to hantam their soft shell crabs handroll like there’s no tomorrow on the 24th and 25th. Imagine, RM4.90 for 2 soft shell crab temaki with big piece of soft shell crab and plenty of ebiko in it. I could break a new personal record for Most Temaki Consumed in a day. I just can’t wait for it. To hell with the constipation.

Lat: 3° 4’56.93″N
Long: 101°35’16.34″E

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