BBQ Chicken, Taipan Triangle

Posted: 2008-10-20 by W in 5.0 - 5.9, Dinner, Drink, Eat, Halal, Korean, Maiden Experience, Non-vegetarian

Tonight I suggested to eat BBQ Chicken, because I haven’t had the chance to try it. The specialty of BBQ Chicken is that the foods were actually healthy, because they were cooked or fried in olive oil. There was 1 outlet at NZX that was really near my home. Unfortunately, it has closed down as I checked the website, that particular outlet was unlisted. Initially, there were only 6 of us going for the dinner, then other colleagues joined in as well and that made us 8 pax.

When we were heading there, I wasn’t sure where exactly the shop was located. I tried to look for it in my GPS but I can’t seem to find it. So we decided to just try our luck by searching for it blindly in Taipan. Luckily, we found it soon we entered Taipan Triangle. We ordered the Korean Charbroiled Family set which were 8 pieces of chicken meat marinated in natural sauce and Teri-Q Stick Family set where 8 pieces of drumsticks marinated in teriyaki sauce.

… the combos seemed like very good bargains.

… benefits of olive oil printed on the paper, distributed to each tables.

… it was empty the time we reached there. There were only 2 patrons seated on the outside.

… my cup of 7up which came with the family set that we ordered.

… unfortunately, my straw was the habitat of a colony of red ants. These were what I spat out after finding out that those pieces of stuff in my mouth were ants and NOT sugar.

… some of the lucky ones still survive.

… coleslaw and fries that came with the set. Both of them weren’t nice though.

… Korean Charbroiled.

… half of Teri-Q sticks and half of Original Chicken. Apparently, they ran out of Teri-Q sticks, so we were compensated with 1/2 of Original Chicken. Does our bill get discounted as well?

… fresh? Tender, definitely.

… chili sauce in little bowl ala TGIF’s style.

… remember the logo, don’t go there unless you are an armadillo.

Rating: 5/10

I’m very reluctant to give any ratings to my first ever experience in BBQ Chicken. I was having high expectations on them as DC said it was very nice. The food was nice. They were up to or probably beyond my expectation. The meat were tender, the taste was right on spot. I would’ve rated the food itself a good 8.5/10. I liked the Korean Charbroiled, I liked the Teri-Q sticks even more. Most, if not all of their outlets provide free WiFi access to the internet, which is a plus point. Especially when you have to wait so long for your food, you can do some surfing on the net. They even provide delivery service, but not all outlets has the scooters.

Unfortunately, I was treated as an armadillo because I was served ants as appetizer. I seriously do not fucking know what the management of this halal restaurant was thinking. They were too poor to pay for pesticide services? I wished I could go there again, with a peace of mind. Now I have had to keep reminding myself to check the straws before sucking it, all the time. In case you wanna know if I was compensated with anything. It’s NONE. Just pathetic.

PS: I’ve tried sending a feedback to BBQ Chicken on their website. It said that I would be responded within 24 hours. It’s been 26 hours and I’ve yet to receive any email or calls from them. So much for good customer service. Probably they were busy pulling the plug to evade from my lawsuit?

  1. doc says:

    They made me waited 45 minutes for my chicken omgwtfBBQ!

    Seriously, nothing great.

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  3. […] We were given RM5 cash voucher prior to asking for the bill. How nice of the waiter. He probably remembered me from the ant incident. […]

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