Kedai Kopi & Makanan Tan Kee, Lunas

Posted: 2008-10-16 by W in 6.0 - 6.9, Chinese, Eat, Lunch, Maiden Experience, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

It took us around 2 hours to reach Lunas (about 10 or less kilometres away from Kulim) and the infamous duck rice place. This place was recommended by EL to DC. DC has been talking about it since we left Foh San. I wasn’t fond of roasted duck though, but since this was highly recommended, I will definitely give it a shot.

… 3 shops wide, this place is rich!

… braised bean curd. Nothing fancy though.

… sour mixed vege. HL regards it as sampah (rubbish).

… my favourite stuff to be found in braised food. I think I better get my cholesterol checked because I had 5 pieces, that’s 2 and a half eggs.

… the star of the day, the roasted duck.

Rating: 6/10

The duck was nothing to shout about. I expected something with crunchy skin at first, but it turns out rather soft or soggy. The gravy provided was plain though. But there was something for me to ponder about. It was the texture of the meat. It wasn’t like any ducks or roasted ducks that I’ve had. It wasn’t sinewy. It was just like eating chicken meat, except the colours were a little bit different. The duck meat doesn’t have any scent of a duck though. Very suitable for grannies with dentures.

Lat: 5°25’45.06″N
Long: 100°32’5.08″E

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