TJ Haus, SS18

Posted: 2008-10-15 by W in 4.0 - 4.9, Drink, Eat, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Others, Western

The first time I visited this place was 2 years back. It was recommended by my colleague, HL. He said it was good. Somehow, on my first visit, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. During my lunch yesterday, with 3 of my colleagues, we almost came here for lunch instead because I said I wanted to eat some meat. Anyway, we ended up in Organic Vegetarian Fresh Mart instead, because it was TSL’s idea in the first place.

While we were passing by this restaurant yesterday, I was telling them that I had been here some time ago. Only 1 of them girls out of the 3 that came to this place with me 2 years ago. So, to make it simple, we stopped by here for lunch today and to satisfy TSL as she missed her chance 2 years ago.

… just right above a classic car showroom.

… the word “Haus” made it a German cuisine, I supposed.

… this was 1 of the few places that actually serves blended drinks with banana in it. I took the risk and ordered the Banana Choc Shake. I remembered the last time I was there, I had a banana drink as well.

… WWS and TSL ordered a pumpkin soup each. It tasted rather good.

… my braised lamb shank. There was another lamb dish, but it was braised lamb with mint sauce. I wished they have a grilled lamb chop on their menu.

… CCYC ordered a vegetarian aglio olio spaghetti. Tasted bland and lacked of garlic. I guess it’s a truly vegetarian dish, hence the absence of garlic in it.

… TSL ordered the Ala Vongole, making her 20 years younger for becoming a lala.

… WWS ordered the mango chicken fettuccine. I believed she had the same thing 2 years ago. How nostalgic.

Rating: 4.5/10

To be frank, the food there wasn’t brilliant. They aren’t cheap either for the kind of dining experience I’m getting. Though the ambient was nice with all the interesting deco in the shop but the food served was no where near authentic German cuisine. Though I’ve yet to try authentic German cuisine, but if they would at least serve sausages with PORK meat in it, I would’ve rated it higher. I’m not sure if I’d go there again. Probably I’ll skip the lamb related stuff and their pasta on my next visit.

Lat: 3° 4’21.75″N
Long: 101°35’5.47″E

  1. Kinky-Kit says:

    Mmmm… Banana Choco…

  2. W says:

    Follow the co-ordinates and you’ll find your banana there.

  3. wongjolene says:

    if there’s pork, there’s no muslim right?

  4. W says:

    Even if there’s no pork, it wasn’t necessarily Halal certified.

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