Sushi King Bonanza

Posted: 2008-10-13 by W in 0 and below, Japanese, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Promotion

Sushi King Bonanza is finally here! RM2 per plate of sushi. The sound of it sends shiver down my spine. The Sushi King Bonanza will last from 13th Oct 2008 until 16th Oct 2008. So, go grab your plate of sushi quick!

Rating: 0/10

A big boo-boo to Sushi King for not providing enough unagi. Being an unagi lover myself, I give it a pass on the first day of the bonanza, knowing that something is definitely amiss on this round of Bonanza. My abuse started in September last year, together with my colleague. Then the previous time, we basically swooped all the unagi that ever surface on the kaiten belt, even those before were being swooped.

PS: The person who made the memo should get some English tuition.

  1. […] Don Sushi, Carrefour 2008-10-21 Posted by W in Dinner, Eat, Japanese, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian. trackback The 3 of us, me, DC and HL went to Don Sushi for dinner. DC has been crying for healthy food as he no longer get soup from his mother, ever since he has moved out from his home in Klang. Seeing that eating sushi is considered healthy, he insisted on having Don Sushi. Sushi King was out of the picture though due to the banning that we put on it for not serving unagi during the bonanza period. […]

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