Kinder Joy Surprise Egg

Posted: 2008-10-12 by W in Eat, Maiden Experience, Snack

I was never a fan of Kinder‘s products. I was introduced by my ex-gf on their Kinder Bueno chocolate bar. She said it was her favourite chocolate. Then only I found out that it was made by Ferrero company. I’ve bought this little surprise egg for my niece before. I didn’t bother to give it a try that time, though I was a little intrigued. Until a little missy told me that I should really try it since I like chocolate. So I took 2 on my previous Tesco shopping spree.

… take the humpty dumpty and split it into half.

… the spoon looks like a silhouette of a person’s portrait.

… this was the surprise. Something to de-stress yourself, just throw it hard on the wall and it will bounce back.

… white chocolate coated chocolate salty balls.*

… smile! You are on candid camera! (damn, this 1 liner is damn catchy!)

Rating: 4.5/10

Frankly, I was expecting more from it. But the moment I found out there was white chocolate in it, I’ve sorta given up hopes, cause I’m not fond of white chocolate. Another reason being that white chocolate usually is damn sweet and it hurts my throat.

My advice? Stick with Ferrero Roche or Kinder Bueno, that’s it. The egg is meant for kids. That amount of cocoa and that price, wow! It’s bloody… ch…expensive! But their idea of packaging is commendable indeed. I kinda like the egg shape thing and how they have a tray specifically made to store these eggs.

*actually it wasn’t salty. It was a reference to South Park.

  1. roxana says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik vind kinder surprice het beste wat ze ooit gemaakt hebben van snoep na het ijs en de popcorn ik verzamel die cadeautjes die erin zitten cadeautjes DIE Erin zitten ik vind dat super cool

  2. chenique says:

    Is kinder joys halal..that is the Q: …………because there is no mark but I just want to maker sure because some items don’t have the halal mark on but it is halal………….

    • W says:

      Removed the “halal” tag, as I really not sure if it has “halal” logo on it. Sorry for the confusion. Will check it out the next time I come close to another Kinder Egg. 🙂

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