Cake Walk Cafe, Ara Damansara

Posted: 2008-10-10 by W in 5.0 - 5.9, Drink, Eat, GPS, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian, Pork Free, Western

Today I went to Cake Walk Cafe with my colleague. The last time I came to this place was about 1 month ago. The previous time, my colleague said she wanted to have the egg sandwich that I had. Initially, we wanted to get a CWC Pizza for 2. I found out that it has tuna with cheese on it. Later the waitress told us that they’ve only have anchovies. I find it rather weird to have anchovies on pizza, so I decided to call it off. Later we ordered our own set meals.

… our meals came with a cup of coffee each.

… my colleague ordered the egg sandwich which I had the last time I was here. She almost wanted to order the tuna sandwich, but I stopped her saying that CWC already ran out of tuna. Otherwise, she might have gotten herself an anchovies sandwich instead.

… my chicken pie set meal. I thought I would’ve ended up with 1 chicken piece, but I was surprised by the fries, even more surprised by the size of that … chicken pie. Do they look enough for my stomach? My colleague got so excited seeing those fries.

Rating: 5.5/10

My chicken pie was bad. Not that it tasted bad, but there was barely any chicken in it. It was steamy hot though. The fries were great with some mayonnaise and thousand island spread over the plate. The fries were great though, not too salty and they were crispy till the last piece.

I loved the egg sandwich the last time I had it. This time though, the egg wasn’t fried well enough. It lacked the fragrance that I had the previous time I ate it. Besides, I think they missed out the mayonnaise in the sandwich, which made the sandwich a little tasty than the one I had last time.

Location: N3 07.225 E101 34.763


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