Lunch @ Big Apple, NZX

Posted: 2008-10-06 by W in Drink, Eat, Halal, Lunch, Non-vegetarian

It was pouring heavily the moment right before lunch. I wanted to go get something to eat and yet not getting myself wet. So I suggested to go to Big Apple at NZX with my colleague.

… this was the first time I had my donuts served on a plate. I wondered why would they wanna know whether I wanna eat-in or takeaway, because all this while they only pack the donuts in their boxes. The standalone Glazier on top came free with the drink.

… this Americano coffee has pretty good fragrance, though it left a rather bitter aftertaste.

… like the good old style when I had Chinese crullers. The sugar on the Glazier goes very well with the bitter Americano.

… another 3 more for takeaway. I wouldn’t want to glutton myself with donuts, would I?

Rating: 5/10

Unlike the previous time I had my donuts-ice-cream mix. That was rather unprepared. This time, I keep my quantity low, so it doesn’t turn out too bad to eat moderately.


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