Dinner @ Happy Restaurant, SS3

Posted: 2008-10-06 by W in Dinner, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

My fellow friends asked for dinner tonight, DL and LSL. It seems that LSL wanted to borrow a telephoto lens from DL for her trip to Paris. DL decided on Happy Restaurant over Lala Chong.

… before I head on to Happy Restaurant, I stole a piece of lemang from my office.

… curry pork with long beans.

… 四大天王, directly translated to 4 heavenly god. Supposed it has 4 types of vege in it.

… steamed fish in Teochew style

Rating: 6/10

The curry pork was super salty. The vege was belacan style but not too salty, in fact it has a little bit of sweetness in it. The steamed fish was unexpected. Usually I’d expect a really salty soup from this steamed fish style but it wasn’t salty at all. Sour plums were nowhere to be seen as well. It would’ve been nicer if it’s more sour.


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