Dinner @ Senjyu Sushi, Sunway Pyramid

Posted: 2008-10-05 by W in Dinner, Drink, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

Konban wa minna-san!

Right, that was about as much of Japanese that I know, despite I’ve been eating like a nihonjin. Today, my friend KC went to Senjyu Sushi along with his wife. I believe the reason he went there was partially due to my recommendations. The other more obvious reason would be that he wanted to top my bill from my previous visit, because he’s been asking me what I had there until it costs me RM200 a meal for 2 persons. I knew, if my food can’t get him, I can still intrigue him by tickling his kiasu-ism bone.

KC suggested to sell me his vouchers at a discounted price. I thought it would be a good idea because we (PG and I) had already decided to dine at Senjyu Sushi for our dinner. When I met him in front of Senjyu Sushi, he told me that he tried the toro (tuna belly) and it was rather unique. He said, the waitress told him that it tasted like mango. PG was mortified by the fact that, our toro didn’t even taste anything like mango the last time we had it. I told PG that, the waitress was probably referring to the fibre-like texture of the meat. KC also stated that the unagi sushi was really nice because it was a little charred.

Upon getting our seat, I asked Janice if it was really her whom commented on my blog. Apparently, one of the chefs found out about my post and told her about it. I was hoping that she could let me snap a photo of her to be the “生招牌” of the sushi place. She declined me gracefully with her sweet smile. I asked again what if it wouldn’t be posted online, and again, she declined me. Apparently, Janice was too disciplined to give in to my requests.

… I didn’t manage to snap a photo of the whole interior the previous time I was here. So I snap the wall with a lot of flamingos on it. Hopefully, the next visit, I’m allowed to snap the kitchen counter.

… Janice has learned from my previous visit. She has prepared extra wasabi for us. PG gave me his as well. So I don’t really need to ask for more this time. I couldn’t finish my wasabi this time around. Somehow, the soy sauce was too salty despite I only put in my usual volume. *lame excuse*

… I saw the UCC coffee from learning the meaning of life, but I forgotten about it on my previous visit when I was introduced the Strawberry Calpis Soda. Though the coffee was quite nice but I was a tad disappointed as the cup was only half full. The hot coffee probably evaporated real quickly. That was a good RM6.90 and it wasn’t even espresso!

… the coffee cup was right-handed friendly. It was kinda difficult to hold with my left hand, because I held my cups with my left hand all the time.

… downed the creamer. I was only given 1 little cup of creamer as compared to 2 as displayed on their menu.

… the salmon filet is nicely folded into a rose shape. The rice was covered in black sesame. I’m not a sesame guy, except for when it is turned into oil. It might’ve been better if that was smoked salmon.

… I didn’t notice PG took this. I was busy taking studio shots on my models (those sushis). The ebiko on this sushi was really, really salty.

… we had an anago sushi each. This time, they were placed on separate plates each. The meat was bigger compared to the last time. This must have been from the papa eel. Sweet!

… bones can be seen poking through the meat. They were harmless because they were really soft.

… finally, salmon belly. PG has been eyeing on this and wanted to try how it tastes like.

… PG ordered a plate of salmon sushi, which costs RM6 as opposed to the salmon belly that costs RM8. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t differentiate between the normal salmon and the salmon belly. They both looked the same. I’ve put them side by side for comparison. Can you guess which is which?

… the unagi that I couldn’t miss. Look at the big fat slap of unagi meat on the rice. Just like KC said, it was a little bit charred, but it was a good thing, as the fragrance was awesome and it made the top part a little bit crunchy, which I kinda like.

… this probably doesn’t look like much, but it was good, really good. The white stuff looked like melted cheese (it would’ve been great if it was cheese, hehe) is actually mayonnaise with piece of scallop wings, if I’m not mistaken. They were kinda chewy and tasted good. I’ll go for this again on my next visit. Not sure what coloured plate was it from though.

… this time PG said he wanted to try their Soft Shell Crab temaki. How could I say no to soft shell crab, right?

… basically, it was nothing much inside it. Some rice with mayo, with few vege and small pieces of freshly fried soft shell crab. Then wrap the baby up in nori (seaweed). The soft shell crab from the Spider Cheese Maki I had the last time had turned soggy and it was bad. So I tried not to rate it that time. This time, I get to taste the fresh one and it was crunchy.

Rating: 6/10

Don Sushi‘s soft shell crab temaki remains the best of all. Senjyu’s temaki just too plain simple and boring, as Don Sushi’s temaki has ebiko in it aside from the generous piece of soft shell crab. As usual, the unagi sushi here is the best and most affordable, priced at only RM6/plate of 2 unagi sushi. The generous piece of unagi was basically shielding over the shy rice. It’s not something that you’d see from other sushi restaurants. This will remain the top unagi sushi place in my list (Sushi Groove would be the top Maki place. How ironic that it wasn’t called Maki Groove instead) until the Sushi King Bonanza which is starting next week, on 13th October, where sushi on the kaiten belt cost only RM2 per plate. That would mean the size of the unagi on Sushi King’s would turn three-fold the size at original’s price.

… the unagi sushi was awesome. I had 2 pieces of it compared to 1 piece of each for the rest. My curiosity got the better of me. On my last piece of unagi sushi, I decided to pop open underneath the sushi and take a peek. The preparation method here was different from most Japanese restaurant’s sushi, where there the chef would put a dab of wasabi in between the rice and the meat, sort of like making them stick together, though the use of wasabi wasn’t compulsory. Looking at the photos, the rice was probably formed with a mould because it was in a block shape rather than oblong shape. The use of seaweed to bind the unagi to the rice was true to its nature though.

… unfortunately, the salmon belly was rather disappointing. The salmon belly I got was nothing like what I saw on the menu above. Even the taste of both the normal salmon sushi and the salmon belly sushi were of no difference, nothing oily from the salmon belly at all. I’d expect the salmon belly to like, melt in my mouth, just like what most people described it to be. Could it be that the chef caught a skinny fish where the belly consists of only lean meat or no belly at all?

Anyway, here are some photos as reference.
image owned by www.Julian.Li**

… notice the white part on the meat? Hmmm…

The place was quiet and there weren’t any other patrons while we were there. It was probably too early for dinner because we got in around 5pm. Anyhow, even when we leave, there were less than 5 patrons altogether. Were the prospects intimidated by the store front?

The damage this round? Around RM120+

**photo is used without permission. Hope the owner doesn’t mine because this is the best looking salmon belly photos I could find.


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