Lunch @ Golden Egg Noodle, Puchong

Posted: 2008-10-04 by W in Drink, Eat, Lunch, Maiden Experience, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

EL knows too well that 1 of the reasons that I asked him out for lunch was to have something to post on my simply-fantastico food blog *chuckles* He also knew that I don’t fancy visiting Puchong, be it for dining or shopping. Hence, the price of Puchong in my point of view is rather low, no thanks to a certain minister that decided to raise 2 toll plazas on 2 most important exits out of the 5 available main exits of the town. I certainly do not wished to contribute to hair-planting on a certain people’s head whenever I pass by any of these toll plazas.

Anyway, as EL never gives up, he has been convincing me that there are plenty of good foods to be had in Puchong. Anyway, since it was him driving me around, so I decided to stick around. He was like a tour guide for the day. Despite we had pan mee earlier, he recommended me this shop specialized in pan mee, to fuse my enthusiasm for pan mee and Puchong town itself. Before we actually head on to Golden Egg Noodle, we made a stop at a car accessories shop, hoping to spend some time there and to help digestion by running the stairs in the shop.

… it seems time moved really slowly when you have got NBTD (nothing better to do). It was less than 2 hours before we headed to a shop to eat, again. *2 glutton pigs*

The front of the shop was rather attractive with its red signboard. Chinese letters for Golden is actually written as “黃金” rather than “王金” as seen from the signboard.

… though the name has the word Golden in it, the theme of the shop wasn’t exactly painted in yellow. Based on the menu, there are varieties of choices of pan mee you can have. But all of these varieties were spawned from the 4 different flavours of pan mee as well as 2 types of sizes. If I remember correctly, they were the plain pan mee, golden egg pan mee which was made with pumpkin, chilli pan mee where the noodle is red in colour and lastly, pan mee mixed with laver. The sizes comprise of flat wide noodle and thin noodle, which you will see after this.

… a very nice decal concealed the patrons sitting on the inside (non-smoking zone) from outside people. Over to the left, it has stickers such as this. Seriously, I don’t really get the fuss about no camera at eating place.

… EL’s iced lemon to quench his thirst after the earlier malat pan mee.

… my order of Dry Chilli Pan Mee. As can be seen, the noodle is thin type and they were red in colour. Though the photo doesn’t show much accuracy to the colour, due to the fact that I did not get a 2nd chance on re-taking the shot because I was warned of “no photographing” at the premise. “Hey, I thought it only valid for people that are sitting on the inside, as in beyond the line where the sticker was on the glass panel?” was what I asked the waiter that gave me warning. He just walked away as if he doesn’t understand English, other than saying “no camera”.

I proceed to take a shot of EL to see if I’d get warned again. No sign of meteor hitting my spot, so I decided to take a couple more steal shots later. EL even suggested that I should bring along a big cannon as to snap the food from the OUTSIDE of the shop. This way, the shop owner can’t say anything about it. How about that for no camera, HAH!?

… as I almost keep my camera into the bag, my cendol arrives. I couldn’t miss it as I was looking up to it. I double confirmed with the waiter on the cendol as in whether they use gula melaka on it. He nodded and off I go with ordering the cendol.

Rating: -5/10

Reasons why I had rate it so low. Firstly, the waiter’s service was bad. He apparently has left his sense of humour at home. He doesn’t even smile even I tried to tickle him. He barely even talks. What’s the different would it be for making this place a self-service-fill-in-the-form-yourself like in Vivo Pizza at The Curve? They even dare to charge us 5% service charge for sending us a dummy to take our orders!

The pan mee on the other hand, was quite nice and the innovative idea of creating different flavours was a good one. My plate of dry chilli pan mee wasn’t exactly all that spicy. Despite the fiery red looking pan mee mixed with dried chillies, it was nothing compared to the pan mee I had earlier. The mix was rather oily though. The complimentary soup with 2 little meatballs was quite nice. The soup’s taste was spot on. Unfortunately, thanks to their stupid policy, I wasn’t at my convenience to take another photo of the soup or even the condiments (dried chillies) given to us.

As for my cendol, I was convinced that they indeed did use gula melaka but sparingly. The fragrance was good but not as good as the real stuff you could get from Malacca, namely Ole Sayang Restaurant’s cendol. The coconut milk was fresh but the whole package was still lacking of sweetness. I wouldn’t mine they double up the gula melaka dosage. That would be perfect. The rating wouldn’t be this bad if EL didn’t order another bowl of cendol. Thanks to EL, I get to truly see how they work. Apparently, EL’s bowl of cendol was bigger and better presented. It has coconut milk poured over the shaved ice, making a cap like shape covering the ice like an octopus and then gula melaka was poured over the frozen coconut milk. Later, the gula melaka was frozen along, making it looked like caramel. Hence, I decided to deduct some marks due to their inconsistency.

I’d love to include the photo of the second cendol, but due to their stupid policy, I didn’t snap it. This was probably the reason why the policy is there in the first place. To disallow patrons the chance to boot them at their inconsistencies.


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