Lunch @ De Happy Land Restaurant, USJ14

Posted: 2008-10-04 by W in Drink, Eat, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

Having lunch here would means that I had to waste some petrol on the journey, because it took me almost 20km to reach this place from where I parked my car at my residence. But for the sake of having good food and once in a while, I think it’s quite worth it. I chat up with EL to check and see if he’s interested to join me for lunch. Surprisingly, he agreed on joining for lunch, because that wasn’t exactly his favourite eating place.

… this was the first time I sit outside. Usually I’d prefer to sit inside because the sun was striking hot. Today’s weather was wonderful. Besides, I needed to capture some photos with good lighting.

… my bowl of malat pan mee (麻辣板麵) with abundance of anchovies. Actually, those anchovies swam over from EL’s bowl of pan mee because he’s still HBP, so he doesn’t want to take something which would trigger his HBP. So, I had to sacrifice myself to eat them up.

… with a cup of umbra juice to go with the pan mee, everything was perfect.

Rating: 7.5/10

A little has change in the pan mee itself, since the last time I had it. That was like probably more than a year or more ago. The most obvious change would be the price. Each bowl of small pan mee costs us RM4.70. The soup was no longer that spicy and sour. The noodle on the other hand doesn’t look that yellowish, as compared to how it used to be. Basically, it was still as good as it used to. The condiment, chilli sauce was just perfect. It was just sour and spicy at the right spot. The umbra juice was acceptable, though the umbra content was a little too light. Hence, with only 1 sour plum, it was already good enough, along with plenty of sugar water to boot the taste. So, boo-boo on the ingredients on he drink which cost me RM2.50.

If it wasn’t for the hot soup, I wouldn’t be leaking liquid all over my orifice. Anyway, it was good to have it again, but my cravings seemed to have changed. It doesn’t excite me as much as it used to be, where after I finished it, I would still feel hungry and hope to have more, despite I just finished a bowl. Probably I’ve grown too old for spicy food.

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