Agefuku Restaurant, Taipan Triangle

Posted: 2008-10-04 by W in 7.0 - 7.9, Dinner, Eat, GPS, Japanese, Maiden Experience, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

Tonight’s dinner… I don’t even want to mention about it. I’ve lost count on the number of Japanese food I’ve been having. This year alone, I’ve had more Japanese food that I’ve had for the past years all summed up together. Anyway, EL suggested that we’d be having fish at F4, but with just the 2 of us, it wouldn’t be the best choice. So I reluctantly suggested having dinner at a nearer place, such as in Taipan. He then suddenly lit the 50 watt bulb his head to the maximum brightness and suggested that we’d have dinner at Agefuku.

He said he wanted to have fish, since he missed his chance with F4 already. Incidentally, I found out what he meant by fish later.

… according to EL, ground floor of Agefuku Restaurant is meant for poor people like us. It is fast food style, whereby on the first floor, it is fine dining. I asked him, if we could get our food from downstairs and later on get a seat on upstairs. He said “no”. There go my wannabe dream of having Japanese fine dining, even to experience the ambiance in it.

… EL said that the most favourable stuff to him would be this mashed potato. He said he’d usually order 2 when he is having dinner there with his gf. I tasted it a little, it was indeed quite nice. Unlike KFC’s bland and rundown mashed potato, this has real potato taste in it.

… this was what EL meant by “having fish”. He ordered my favourite item, the unagi. This was probably the cheapest ever unagi don that I’ve ever had. At RM12, you get this big bowl of rice with a generous slab of unagi and strips of laver. By adding RM3, you’ll get a cup of green tea, either hot or cold and a bowl of miso soup. It summed up to RM15 for a complete meal.

… plenty of wasabi at your disposable, right on the payment counter. There were many bottles of sauces of your choice. As usual, I put soy sauce and preferably sweet soy sauce. Since they don’t have the sweet soy sauce, I put in sesame oil instead.

I’ll share you a secret. Wasabi + soy sauce + sesame oil, it’s a NO GO. Do keep that in mind.

Rating: 7/10

My bill came up to exactly RM15 inclusive of the additional 2 items. It means that the place does not charge any 5% government service tax on their menu item, or probably they’ve included into the displayed price. I couldn’t care less actually because for RM12/bowl of unagi don, it was really a discovery of the century. The service rendered was better than your average fast food restaurant. The staffs were friendly and were always seen smiling.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll frequent the place often as I preferred to have sushi rather than a whole bowl of rice. I just missed the joy of dipping my sushi into the wasabi mix sauce of my own recipe, sans the sesame oil.

Location: N3.04778 E101.58374

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