Dinner @ Pick n’ Brew, Glenmarie

Posted: 2008-09-05 by W in Dinner, Drink, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

Today I went to Pick n’ Brew with my daughter to celebrate her belated birthday. Previously, I planned to bring her to Eat Work Shop because we’ve been to here for a drink before, and thought of trying out another place. Unfortunately, my experience with Eat Work Shop wasn’t all that pleasant, as the food weren’t that great. So we ended up coming here for dinner. Aside from the fact that I haven’t tried the food here, she personally said before that the deco is really nice and would like to come here for dinner.

… my Brilliance Moka Pot.

… looks oily.

… it contains only 1 cup full.

… silly girl’s Spaghetti Vongole, with plenty of clams. She turned into lala-mui after finishing it.

… I had a nasi kerabu, out of all the stuff on the menu. Wasn’t hungry at all, because the dinner was too earlier.

… our Moka Pots and chocolate bars. She ordered the Adrenaline. I wonder what would she do with all the adrenaline had.

… she took this shot while I was outside busy getting discount for the bill.

Rating: 7.5/10

The dinner wasn’t great because she wasn’t too happy about the surprise present that I got her. I was too busy preparing for the surprise gift and missed out the cake. Perhaps she’d be happier to get a cake instead. Anyway, the service provided was excellent though. I’ve called in to make reservation for 2 persons and it was to celebrate her birthday and I’d bring her something special. Later the waitress placed us into the VIP room where it could accommodates up to 10 people. The whole room, all by ourselves. It even has an LCD TV in it.

While she was deciding on what to eat, she pointed to me a funny dish (or I thought so) with name as such “Slipper Lobster”. The moment I saw that, I thought of Crocs shoes. She was chuckling away happily. Should have convinced her to get that dish. Anyhow, she ended up with a spaghetti. It tasted ok but the clams were cooked for too long, making them felt like chewing rubber. Somehow the silly girl managed to finish the whole plate, despite the portion was quite big for her. As for my nasi kerabu, it was pretty normal. I guess that’s the most expensive nasi kerabu I had in my life. The Moka Pots were something different from other cafes. Probably that’s why the placed was called “Pick n’ Brew”. The coffees that we ordered were combination of 2 types of coffee beans. Though the fragrance not very strong, I think I might visit there again to try out other types on the menu to find out which 1 suited me most.

Our dinner ended early because the place closes at 8pm. A bit too early for such fine place for dinner. I’d have rate it a 6/10 on the food itself, an extra 1.5 was for the great service they provided.

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