Dinner @ A&W, KT

Posted: 2008-08-29 by W in Dinner, Drink, Eat, Halal, Non-vegetarian

After our lunch, we went to McDonald’s for some sundae and decided to sit there to kill time, while watching Budget on national TV. We stayed for about 2 hours before decided to walk more than 3km to the nearest A&W outlet. Pity me, my left leg was hurt from the coral’s cut, that HL some more said wanna take the longer route so that he could watch the sea from the beach! Blasphemy!

… I was seated facing the sea with my set meal.

… a double beef burger, because I was hungry already from all the walking.

Rating: 6.5/10

This was by far the biggest A&W outlet that I’ve visited before. I don’t think there is any A&W outlet in KV that is 1/2 as big as this one. Besides, this 1 was facing the sea, with balcony seats. Very good for couples to spend time there, enjoying the sea breeze and maybe take a walk on the beach*.

*Provided if they don’t get robbed with a knife at point blank.


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