Lunch @ Restoran CS, SS4

Posted: 2008-08-23 by W in Drink, Eat, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

Restoran CS, owned by Chandra and co-owned with his younger brother, Siva (if I wasn’t mistaken), was only a hut by the side of a shop lot a couple of years back. I was 1 of the regular there because it was just few steps away from where I rented a room in SS4. Their tea was very nice, a lot better compared to most of the mamak stalls in KV. It was because the condensed milk they used was different from most of the mamak stalls.

… the iced tea or pull tea (teh tarik) that I had here were more than any of the tea I had in everywhere else combined. I’d usually order only iced tea when I’m here, while other place, I’d order lemonade.

Back then, the tea was make by Chandra himself. He has a style of his own when he’s pulling the tea. He would tilt his head to a side, as if it would affect the flow of the tea. It was kinda nice to see him doing that.

… another specialty of this mamak stall (or shop) was, it serves conventional Indomea. Unlike your usual Indomea from most of the mamak stalls, this 1 they do it just like how you’d get if you DIY your Indomea. They even put in vegetable and slices of jalapeño into it, which made it taste even better with the touch of jalapeño fragrance. Sometimes I might get misfired and the jalapeño would send tears down my cheek. And the egg, if you are lucky, you’d get runny yolk in it, which was really nice as I get to swallow the whole yolk in 1 go.

… stir it and you’ll get this. Most mamak stalls would stir fry it for you, where you get less fun of doing it yourself. Besides, others Indomea has a tad too heavy taste on the black thick soy sauce, because the soy sauce they used wasn’t the original Indomea’s soy sauce.

Rating: 8/10

This place holds a certain level of significance in my heart. I’ve been patronizing this place for a good 8 years already and I’m still going there once or twice a month, on Saturday. Their roti telur is very nice because it was crunchy on the outside and they put in onions for you. Though I can’t say the same for their gravy though. Unfortunately, roti telur only available in the morning, so I have to be early if I wanted to eat their roti telur, otherwise I’m left with only Indomea.

Back then when it was still a hut, in the morning you could get some really nice pre-packed nasi lemak. Especially the one wrapped in newspapers (inside it has a plastic, mind you), it was delivered by an old granny. The nasi lemak has salted sambal, which I liked a lot. But after a few years down the road, she no longer delivering the nasi lemak. I guess she has finally retired or worse, past away.

I’ve tried to cook the Indomea the way the mamak stall did, but I just couldn’t get the right taste. Though the process was the same, somehow it just different. I’ve even put in my own jalapeño already. Maybe the secret lies in the pot that they used, which was probably an ancient artifact left from the Ming Dynasty.

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