Dinner @ Office

Posted: 2008-08-23 by W in Dinner, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

My ex-colleague, MSF, suddenly calls me on in the afternoon, asking me how many baked bun (燒包) I want. I was surprised by her call, out of the blue. Apparently, she was in Seremban and Seremban is famous for its baked buns. She also offered me egg tarts, so I said I wanted 2 buns and 2 egg tarts. Later when she was back in KV, she dropped the package at the guard house at my office. So, I gotta go there to pick them up, for my dinner.

… she bought 2 boxes, with a total of 10 buns, 5 in each box. One of the boxes was for my manager, but he was too lazy to go get them, so he asked me to rid of it.

… a mix of pork bun and chicken bun. I think the one with sesame were chicken bun.

… the crust was thick, the filling was little.

Rating: 5/10

This was the 2nd time I tasted Seremban’s baked buns. I couldn’t remember when was the previous time, but it wasn’t that good the first time I had it, because I wasn’t a pork lover yet, and the fats in it sort of turn me off. Then later, I tasted the Seremban’s baked bun from a stall in Medan Sunway Food Court. It was good, very good. Then only I started to have interest in Seremban’s baked buns, or any baked buns, for that matter. Unfortunately, despite being a baked bun originated from the origin place of famous baked buns, it was nowhere nearly as good as the one being sold in the food court.

The crust was too thick and the content was too little, unlike the one I could get from the food court. I wasn’t sure about the price, but it just couldn’t get any cheaper if I had to travel all the way to Seremban just to buy some mediocre baked buns where I could practically walk (figuratively speaking) to the food court for something which was even better than the original. But I have to thank MSF for having the heart to call me and treated me the Seremban baked buns. Though they weren’t as good, but I did finished all 5 of them on that evening. I hope I can get some of those baked buns from the food court and treat her next round.


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