Having lunch at Station 1 Cafe wasn’t exactly my kind of choice to make. Reason being was, it’s hard for me to decide what to eat. Despite the photos on the menu looked tempting, but most of the food turns out just not as good as it looks. But today, my colleague suggested to eat there, so I decided to just go with the wind, since she rarely makes decisions. Besides, I’ve been telling her about a cake in Station 1 Cafe that she might like.

… Flourless Chocolate Cake. I used to have this quite often in SFCC until it has been taken off the shelf and no longer serving it. Big boo-boo to SFCC.

… hot honey, as usual.

… I decided to stick with the 1 item which I think is still nice to eat, fried chicken salad rice.

… she had a curry noodle.

Rating: 5/10

The cake was good. It was as good as the one I had in SFCC. You probably can’t go wrong with making cakes like this. My rice was acceptable, but I could barely finish it though. As for the curry noodle, she commented that, the noodle was like Maggi’s noodle. Well, that’s Station 1 for you.

Location: N3 06.865 E101 35.446


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