Dinner @ Farmland Porridge Steamboat Restaurant, SS18

Posted: 2008-08-22 by W in Dinner, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

A couple of years back, my colleague, EL once told me that the steamboat here in Farmland was nice. Despite a few more reminders from him, even until the day he resigned, I have yet to give it a try. Tonight, after my swimming session, me and my other 3 colleagues, DC, HL and LGJ went there for dinner. Unfortunately, we didn’t call EL along. He probably wouldn’t wanna join us giving excuse such as high-blood pressure, or it’s too far away from his place.

It was our maiden visit there, me and LGJ. As for HL, I guess he has been there a couple of times, but that was long ago. He probably forgotten how does the place operates. Fortunately, DC been there 3 times, and it was quite recent. So, he was the host of the night. Too bad, the host doesn’t want to buy us dinner. So much of a host.

… we were served 1 plate of boiled peanuts. I could heard HL shouting for more, because the 1st plate was finished up by me and DC, with the cooker being in the way of his chopsticks. Haha! We pitied him and asked for another plate.

… the standard arsenals you need for steamboat dinner. Most importantly, the condiments, chilli sauce and… more chili sauce of different colour.

… do not boil your porridge in metal pot, it would taste bad. I guess that’s the rule of thumb for boiling nice porridge. Use porcelain instead.

… HL was too hungry. He wanna peek into the porridge and see if it’s ready.

Nope, it’s not.

… it’s boiling. Look at the vapour as it goes.

… first piece in! I could hear the yong tau fu crying for pain.

… more are in. Now we just have to wait.

… while waiting, we had some really nice stuff. Deep fried spare ribs (排骨). It doesn’t have much bones actually, most of them were meat and crispy fried stuff. Very very nice! I could finished the whole plate, but a bit too salty though.

… portion for 4. They weren’t much. I guess you have to drink the porridge as well.

… look at them dance! Dances with Porridge, coming soon to your nearest theater!

… eat oily food, must drink oily chinese tea to wash away the oil. This technique is called, use poison against poison.

I was just kidding. The tea wasn’t oily. But most people know that tea could wash away oily stuff in your system, especially BKT lovers.

… we get a prawn each. Prawns from steamboat is always nice. Not too cooked and quite fresh. The sweetness in it could be retained by just boiling it. Check out the quail egg. A lot of steamboat shops removed them from their menu already. What’s steamboat without quail eggs, right?

… smile! You are ready to be eaten.

… my secret weapon of all! Sesame Street’s make, sesame oil!

Actually, I hated Sesame Street, or anything with sesame, except for its oil.

… oh, I’m hungry already just by looking at it. My mum would probably shout, “So OILY!!” But mum, sesame oil is supposed to be healthy.

… I further mix my bowl of porridge soup with chili sauce to further enhance the taste. It turns out pretty ok. Unlike your usual steamboat soup, which was more watery, the porridge tend to breaks down the spiciness in the chili sauce, which is favourable to those who are susceptible to spicy stuff, like HL.

Rating: 7/10

The highly acclaimed porridge steamboat has finally been conquered by me! It was a fun dinner, with a little boiling here and there (十下十下). But steamboat was always fun, if you could wait and not afraid of the heat. The boiling time wasn’t much different from your standard soup steamboat and the heat was almost similar, except the porridge probably cools down slower. The usage of porcelain was to prevent the porridge from getting burned at the bottom, I guess. The satay celup guy should start to invests in these porcelain stuff man.

The stuff given were pretty standard from most steamboat places. The plate of spare ribs was heavenly. I could sit there all day long just eating that, but I might end up in hospital with gallstone. It’s quite rare to find sesame oil at your expenses. The last steamboat place that I visited do provide sesame oil, but that place was with a premium price tag. EL should have joined us for dinner. Sesame oil is known to help control blood pressure. He could drink the whole bottle of sesame oil, since it’s free flow.

In my final conclusion, I still prefer the standard soup style steamboat. With 4 pax, the soup would usually turns out pretty sweet from the stuff that we were pouring in, somehow the porridge just tasted bland even until the end. Perhaps I should order more seafood… Maybe next time.


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