Breakfast @ Office

Posted: 2008-08-20 by W in Breakfast, Drink, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

Some time ago, I was promised garlic breads for breakfast if I go for blood donation. On the 3rd of August, Sunday morning, I got a call from my colleague that someone is in need of blood of my type, which is quite rare. In keeping my promise to my daughter, I agreed to it. So, on the next day, I went for the blood donation. My very first bloody donation and hope the beginning of many more. When I told her about it, she was even more excited than I am.

Suddenly, I recalled that, she promised me the breakfast once I did the donation. She happily agreed to it. Hence, I got my breakfast the day after I reminded her. That was faster than most fast food restaurant can provide.

… a heaty breakfast, toasted to crisp garlic bread and a cup of neslo.

… the precious 2nd half of the 3 pieces of garlic bread.

Rating: 12/10

Though I wasn’t so serious about the garlic bread deal when I was telling her, I never expected her to gave it to me so soon. I wouldn’t want her to get so little sleep by waking up extra early just to prepare them. These were by far the best garlic breads I’ve got from her. Even if it wasn’t nice, would I dare to tell her? She warned me about the bread being over toasted. To me, it seemed perfect, the colour was golden brown, just like how I preferred. It was crispy as well, but I got a minor sore throat after finishing all 3 of them. Despite that, her efforts was priceless. I guess this would be the last garlic breads I’d ever get from her.

Thank you so much!


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