Supper @ Penang

Posted: 2008-08-16 by W in Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

My and my colleague had to rush to Penang for system support. When we reach there, it was already midnight. Our big boss had some food takeaway for us. We were dead hungry that we could eat the stuff with the plastic still on it.

Since my hand got messy from handling those crabs, so I only have the crabs photos. The fried squids and salted egg yolk prawns weren’t able to see the sunlight.

… crab with a lot of crab roe ((蟹膏). I’m drooling already looking at the photos.

… you don’t need hammer to crack it open. Just pull it, and the shell just comes off. The meat was still in 1 whole piece.

Rating: 8.8/10

Despite I was so damn tiring, after driving for more than 6 hours straight, the supper was rewarding. The food were cold, but they were still very tasty. The crabs were heaven sent. Never in my life had I eaten crabs with such excitement before. It was so easily peeled off, the meat in 1 whole piece, and the cholesterol infused crab roes!

I’ve got my colleague marked that place, perhaps 1 fine day, we could bring a bunch of people there for dinner.

PS: Did I wash my hands? I don’t think I could care less about it. Eat first; Die later.

  1. […] get them done. Our MD were having dinner at this place with other colleagues. He had ordered some takeaways for us as dinner, or supper, judging by the time that we arrived at this place. Our MD got us 3 […]

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