Dinner @ Millennium 86, Taman Paramount

Posted: 2008-08-12 by W in Dinner, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

This has been our frequent dinner place after swimming session at my place. Me and my colleague were just finished swimming and another colleague came picked us up at my place. Apparently, it was his favourite curry fish, hence he was willing to drive, out of the norm.

… red and tasty. The fish meat are really rare. Usually 3 pieces, at most, 4, for the smallest pot. Cost RM17 for that.

… alone with the curry fish, the grilled fish is a must. Provided if we are very hungry (usually that’s the case). The sambal belacan laden on top was heavenly!

… as clean as it can be. Imagine how good it was.

Rating: 8/10

Most of the time, the curry fish is nice. The fragrance, the taste and the spiciness were just right. Somehow, some time back, we had a group of 8 people visited that place and we had ordered 3 large pot of curry fish. The taste was haywire. The 1st one being too salty, the 2nd one was just right and somehow, the 3rd one was lacked of salty. Luckily, this time, where were only 4 of us, so the level of quality was maintained. As for the grilled fish, it was just like how it used to. If the fish chosen was too big, do expect some raw part of the meat.

It was really a fishy dinner.

We adjourned to SFCC, Mid Valley after dinner, despite being Tuesday evening. It was quite long ago since I had my dosage of eXtreme Mocha. SFCC was having promotion for AmEx credit cards. Fortunate enough, my colleague has an AmEx credit card. With the 4 of us, we only need to buy 2 cups of XM and get another 2 more for free!

… my cup of XM with special instructions. Less sweet with extra coffee.

… four cups of heavenly at the price of 2.

… my ex-colleague bought us some sushis from Jusco. Well, I did placed a request for… “Do watch out for the unagis!”

… I don’t know why, but I started to feel hungry not long after the dinner. Probably the fishes were only enough to fill up the hollow caused by my swimming activity, but not for supper. When I saw this hotdog bun, my stomach started to growls. Hence I ate it. Courtesy of my ex-colleague as well. Lady seems to like to go shopping, even it was wee hours at Mid Valley.

Rating: 9.5/10

I don’t think my cup of XM could get any better. The sweetness was just perfect, the fragrance of coffee was heavenly, with bits and pieces of blended coffee beans. At first, I thought it would be disaster when the barrista only put 2 little scoops of ice-cream into the blender. Then while she was busy attending to another patrons, another barrista came out of nowhere and distributed the coffee onto 4 large cups. Upon seeing that with my colleague, I was in disbelief as how “smart” she was to try to distribute what in the blender into 4 large cup, as it obvious not enough to fill up 4 cups! Even I would’ve know that!

After filling 3 cups at only half full and 1 cup at three quarter full, she proceed to asked her colleague, “How many cups are this for?” When the first barrista saw that, she sighed and told her that it was for ONLY 2 cups. So, it took a while for her fill up 2 cups full with the extra 2 cups, then remake another 2 more cups for us. At that time, I reminded her again on my request of less sweet and more more coffee. Fortunately, she did as I told. Hence the 2nd 2 cups came out brilliant!

I wasn’t sure how did the 1st 2 cups tasted. But my ex-colleague told me that it was very sweet. I could only chuckled at that. She even complained that hers doesn’t have coffee chips in it, unlike mine. Well, at least she wasn’t around to look at the soap opera that I had to go through earlier. It was a nice dinner and after-dinner drink. With free snacks, the unagi sushis and hotdog bun.

Satisfying indeed!


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