Morning… Home, Day 3

Posted: 2008-08-10 by W in Breakfast, Eat, Halal

This is the 3rd day and the last day of my stay at home. I shall depart soon back to PJ. My mum made something nice… or so I thought.

… my mum usually makes the best butter cakes around, but this time, it was a bit too dry. She said she put too much powder for some reason I couldn’t comprehend. Ended up, I only ate 2 cubes of it, cause it was sticking in my mouth because it was dry, too dry that they all wanna race up to my saliva gland’s duct, in seeking for the water reservoir…

… prior to eating the cake, I had a stick of steamed corn. I was hungry at that time, hence I finished the corn much faster than my camera could start up. Luckily where wasn’t just 1 corn lying around, so I managed to let you all have a look at how golden-ish and tasty the corn was. I had 3 on that day itself. Luckily no constipations.

… some peanut candy that my mum claimed it to be “very nice”. I had only 1 and I had enough. Not exactly my kind of taste. But I did smuggled back 6 of them for someone special.

… I was told long ago that the “Moo” ice-cream of a certain brand was very nice. I did not managed to find them in KV, at least that easily. Fortunately, my sister was picking one up the day before when we were at The Store. I took 1 box back (4 cones only) and another box, DIY style.

Frankly, it was only so-so. I’d still prefer Cornetto’s coned ice-cream.

… at least it does look alike from the packaging. I wouldn’t say they bluffed me, cause even the packaging doesn’t look that tasty. lol

… I didn’t managed to have the DIY one. My sis said it was exactly the same as the coned one, sans the cone.

Rating: 6/10

The corn scored most of the points here. The rest just bogged it down, unfortunately.

  1. W says:

    Eddie: What la, it’s peanut candy la.

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