Dinner @ Millennium 86, Taman Paramount

Posted: 2008-08-10 by W in Dinner, Eat, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

After coming back from my hometown, my brother in-law gonna pick my sister up at PJ. As usual, he would frequent this restaurant whenever he comes to PJ, just for the curry fish head/meat (咖喱魚頭/肉) and also the tai chow (大炒).

… the curry fragrance, it is just irresistible. I could drink the whole pot of curry, but that would makes me fat. Usually, the meat was very little. I mean, not usually, it’s all the time. If it wasn’t because I was a little bit too full, I don’t think this pot would suffice.

… yin yong (鸳鸯) from the tai chow (大炒) who uses charcoal as its source of energy in cooking. It has this different fragrance in its food than the conventional gas cooked food.

… I think the tai chow (大炒) can get really really cheap black sauce. Look at the hor fun, it looked like squid’s ink. It’s black! If I didn’t know better, I thought it was cooked by ah buh neh neh (吉灵鬼).

… this is how my plate of rice would looks like, usually, whenever I had curry fish ((咖喱魚) at this place. Reminds me of how I had my BKT (肉骨茶) as well.

Rating: 6.5/10

I’m not being a racists, the notation regarding the plate of flat noodles (河粉) being black related to ah buh neh neh (吉灵鬼) was merely just a joke.


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