Noon… Home, Day 2

Posted: 2008-08-09 by W in Drink, Eat, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

I’d never missed, or tried not to, to come here and eat my favourite local delicacies. The boss cum cook is the owner of his own coffee house called My House. After his elder brother passed away, he took over his brother’s coffee house in Hoover Hotel. Since then, My House no longer exists.

I’m not sure if the story was 100% accurate. It was just rumours I heard. But in a small town like this, rumours spread faster than you can spell your name.

… a standard issue, a plate of peanuts that cost RM2. They give you peanuts for paying peanut. Go figure!

We has them take it back as we don’t really fancy the peanuts.

… my mum’s drink. Honey Lime Lemon something. It tasted pretty good. It was sweet and sour. The presence of sour plums which put a hint of saltiness in the drink with lemon’s of sourness. It was stuff like this that triggers your appetite, not something like shakes or smoothies.

… mine was the umbra juice with sour plums, to counter the sourness that made you cringe. Now it has become something that you’ll suck non-stop.

… my favourite simmered rice (煨飯/燜飯), of any place. I’ve been thinking about it since I had to come back to my hometown for visit. I still remember back then when I first had my simmered rice (煨飯/燜飯). With such weird name, I thought it would be something charred out of the rice cooker or clay pot. Eventually, it turns out to be 1 of my favourite, especially when eating with jalapeño soaked in soy sauce.

Make sure the jalapeños were crushed inside soy sauce to bring out the spiciness and fragrance of the jalapeño, even if you don’t eat or chew them, you’ll get a taste of it when dipping the sauce.

There isn’t any simmered rice (煨飯) (KV people call it 燜飯) in KV that I could finish. Every time there was leftovers, no matter how hard I tried not to waste food, but they just aren’t as good.

… my first experience in My House was its fried rice (炒飯). I was told that the fried rice (炒飯) was superb. I’ve been infused with the idea that, fried rice (炒飯) should be fried with dark soy sauce. Hence making the rice looked brownish. And with it being brownish, it would taste better, since it looks better and that was how it should be.

Boy, I was wrong, until I tried this fried rice (炒飯) which has no hint of dark soy sauce. I’ve never tasted anything like this before, never! Don’t let the plain appearance fools you!

… lastly would be my favourite fried flat noodles (炒粿條) in town. Unfortunately, the flat noodles (粿條) he used was different from what I usually had. The tastes still the same though.

It was great to finally able to eat my favourite local delicacies after so long, though I missed my chance on trying the fried rice (炒飯). But I bet it was still as good as the first time I had it.

Rating: 9/10

Rating was based on the food provided excluding the drinks and other western food that were served there. I rarely tried their western food, but the cook was famous for cooking great lamb chops. He was famous for his clay pot curry fish head (瓦煲咖喱魚頭) as well, which I had not the opportunity to try it, yet.

The food was pork free, but the place serves beers. Yet, being in a hotel, the restaurant should only serves halal food, being in the food industry. I’m rating this non-halal, so try at your own risks.


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