Tea Break @ Hollys Coffee, NZX

Posted: 2008-07-25 by W in Drink, Halal, Lunch, Vegetarian

Today, I didn’t feel hungry even it was already lunch time. But I decided to take a look at NZX with my colleague to see if there is any new shops that just opened that we didn’t know of. After a while of walking and disappointment, we went for Big Apple donuts. After the light snacks, we proceed to Hollys Coffee, because we didn’t order any drinks at Big Apple.

… I had a Sweet Potato Macchiato and my colleague had a cafe latte.

… she tried to draw a graffiti on her cup of her latte, like how it was on her cappuccino last time.

Rating: 7/10

Sweet Potato Macchiato was just weird. I didn’t know Korean has such peculiar taste for their coffee. Nevertheless, I had fun chit chatting where I don’t have to focus too much on trying to drink my cup of Sweet Potato Macchiato.


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