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Our lunch was up in the hilly area called Kintamani. Fortunately, it was chilly up there, otherwise we were busy sweating rather than eating. The restaurant is lucky that they could save on the electricity, because it was cold already, hence air conditioning unit is not necessary.

… it’s buffet style and those were fish satay. They are rather uncommon at where I was from, hence I had a couple of them. I would’ve wanted more, but my jaw was rather tired from all the gum chewing activities prior to my departure.

Rating: 6/10

We had our first breakfast at the hotel, very the early in the morning. There is only 1 eating place in the hotel, making your choices for food really slimmed down. The meals they served were really light and cheap. I had a badly burned toast, because on first round, it came out white. Then I flipped it and let it through a second round, it came out brown, like gula Melaka. Aside from that, the banana fritters were rather nice. Drinks were limited, I only had some plain water.

Rating: 3/10

Food wasn’t that bad, but the fun factor was hellish.

After the arrival at Bali, after we had our dinner, we went straight to Adi Dharma Hotel…

… they served us with their welcome drink. It was very sweet and sour at the same time. I couldn’t be sure what was in it, probably pineapple mix with mango or something. All I know is, it made my jaw sore the moment I drink it and made my whole body had goosebumps.

Rating: 3/10

Meals on Qatar Airways

Posted: 2008-05-15 by W in Drink, Eat, Halal, Lunch, Non-vegetarian

On my trip to Bali with my friend, and his family, we didn’t take the conventional flight company, AirAsia or MAS. We took Qatar Airways, as arranged by our travel agency. Apparently, the plane was direct flight from Arab (if I’m not mistaken) and transit in Malaysia. We were lucky (or unlucky to some) that meals were served on-board the plane. The bill was included in the flight ticket, unlike AirAsia, which you had to pay to get your food served.

… it came in a tray and looked more complete than what AirAsia has to offer during my trip to Camby. Bun with butter spread as starter. Rice and pickled vegetables salad as main course, some fruits and a cup of mineral water. We were each given another cup of drink of our choice. I picked 7up, as can be seen on the right. We were even given a bar of KitKat, but it was already 1/2 melted.

nasi minyak, with ayam rendang which looked like diarrhea. The chicken meat was alright, because they were boneless and quite soft. Provided if you don’t look at the colour and think too much. Otherwise you’ll lost your appetite the moment this *s* hits the fan in your brain. *duck for cover*

… fish meat dipped in black pepper powder and then cut into fillet. I’ve got no idea what fish was that. I was told it was tuna. All I know was, it’s a cold dish. Under the 2 fish fillets was a cup of picked vege, salad style.

… we have kiwi, watermelon, pineapple and papaya on the fruit bowl.

… bun and butter spread. The plastic that contains the bun was inflated due to the low air pressure in the flight cabin. It was a fun playing ball until we were warned not to do so in the cabin.

… the quality of food … trays were guaranteed. Look at the cap for my salad, it even has the Qatar Airways’ logo. Interesting!

… I get another 2 more slices of “tuna” fillets, courtesy of my friend, a fish lover. Even he also gave up on eating the cold fish.

… finally, you get to clean your mouth and throat with mineral water. Which is an excellent choice for people on the move. *why does this sound like an ads for Spritzer eh?*

Rating: 5/10

I would’ve given it much lower if they didn’t give the fruits and the cup of soft drink, along with a complimentary mineral water. I did managed to finish the rice, all because I was too hungry, but I had leftovers of the diarrhea looking chicken boneless chicken meat, salad and the cold fish. I’m not sure if the fish was premium stuff, but it doesn’t intrigue my taste bud. I could have accepted it even if they had given me a properly cooked dory fish.

This was my 1st visit to FoodTiam, despite it was just downstairs of where I’m staying at. Eating place like this are everywhere in KV, so this doesn’t particularly attracts me to pay it a visit. The nice thing about the deco would be the wooden floor and a lot of trees inside the shop.

… special tea, with wheatgrass. I’m a sucker for wheatgrass, though i don’t really like green colour.

… after you stir it, it turns out weird. Another cup of product from Klang river.

… BBQ pork rice (叉燒飯). Seems flat, isn’t it?

Rating: 4/10

Wouldn’t it be good if I don’t have to stir the drink? I would’ve rated it higher if I could just drink it straight as it is, but that would turns me into The Hulk and I would shred my poor colleague into pieces. The BBQ pork rice was totally worth it, if you are a beggar seeking for food to fill your tummy. It was very the big bowl. The height of the bowl was even longer than the diameter. So the photo might have fooled you.

Never in my life have I ever had that much of leftovers. I left more than 1/2 bowl of rice! It was all the cook to be blamed. Don’t give so much of rice if your BBQ pork fillets were only that much. I hope I don’t have to visit the place again. Even if I do, I would steer away, in warp 10, from that BBQ pork rice. Unless, you found me funnel and force it down on me like those farm ducks.

My colleague was complaining bored with the usual food that we had during lunch time. She said there is this new Japanese restaurant just opened in SS15, opposite of SJMC. So we went there for a look. Apparently, it was a showroom cum restaurant, or the other way round, because there were Mercedes cars for sale!

*I didn’t bring my big camera, so bear with me for the phone’s quality’s photos*

… I couldn’t comprehend what was this. The colour seemed as if it was scooped from Klang river.

… some kind of salad that came with the bento set. The sauce used was quite nice. Salty and sour, but a little too salty though.

… needless to say, almost everyone knows what the heck is this. In case you don’t, it’s called “cawanmushi”. I guess the cup was there for a reason, else it might be called “mangkukmushi”. Now, you wouldn’t want that, would you?

… my colleague ordered an unagi bento set. I didn’t know she likes unagi that much. I thought I was supposed to be the 1 ordering unagi bento set instead!? Look at the size of that unagi! Even without tasting it, she’s showing the thumb up sign.

… my other colleague ordered the fried chicken set. Chicken lover, hehe.

… as for me, I have had no choice. I wouldn’t want 2 sets of unagi bento on the table. So I ordered the “kare don”, meaning curry rice.

Rating: 6/10

Yup, not very high. Not that the food was bad. In fact, they were really goooood! The unagi slap was so big that you could use it to tampal your punctured tyre and you still have spare to feed your stomach. Unfortunately, it was as good as fixing your tyre, because your tyre wouldn’t mind the little bones in it. I think the bones in that slab of unagi was more than the number of days in a year. The chef needs to go back to Japan to retake his culinary exam.

I’ve always wondered how does Japanese curry rice tastes like, ever since I watched Yakitate!! Japan. This is the only Japanese restaurant I visited, that has curry rice on their menu. Finally, I would know how it felt like to do those impressions as seen in the anime. The way the curry was pour over the rice looked exactly like how it was in the anime. The taste? Good! Though it was a little too salty, but when you eat it with rice, it was just perfect. It would be even better if I’m a 250 pounds fatso, because I couldn’t finish my food! I was so hungry before I entered the place and I came out feeling so darn full and guilty, all thanks to the portion of rice that was meant for sumo wrestlers.

I can’t comment much on the fried chicken chop thingamajig set that chicken lover ordered. I had a piece, I think it was alright, and I wouldn’t order that if I’m visiting that restaurant again. Those white/yellowish goo? Those are cheese.

I hope I could visit the place again in the near future, though it wasn’t a cheap place to be. Probably they treat every patrons like a Mercedes Benz, hence the thick bill. Unagi eater wanted to buy me the lunch, but I insisted to pay her back because it was so very the expensive. It was like her whole week’s worth of lunches for that 1 meal. Though, I really appreciate the notion. Thank you!

Location: N3.07879 E101.59272

PS: The 3 of us have had leftovers. The unagi eater being the worst. I think she has got 1/2 left, while I was left with most of the rice and a little bit of curry. Chicken lover, as usual, always has left overs. Hehe.

Not long after my visit to Pasta Zanmai, 1 Utama spawned yet another Japanese restaurant called Sushi Zanmai. It has similar logo, decorations and styles as Pasta Zanmai, except this time, they serves sushi.

… similar logo to the one you could see at Pasta Zanmai.

… nicely split chopsticks. It indicates good luck.

… wasabi with soy sauce is a must.

… condiments from left to right, sweet soy sauce (yes!), toothpicks, chili powder and salted soy sauce.

… the chili powder looked tasty.

… the metal container has an opening for easy sprinkle. It was indeed a neat container.

… soft shell crab temaki. Something that couldn’t be missed whenever I have sushi.

… garlic rice with a few slices of shallots. It was very tasty and good. It wasn’t cheap though.

… tamago sushi.

… unagi sushi.

… teriyaki cod fish, I think.

… teriyaki chicken on a stick.

… I’ve forgotten what sushi was this.

… a soup with some unagis in it. The soup tasted a bit bitter, like BKT soup.

… my friend’s rice, with tempura prawns, I think.

… sashimi set with 3 types of fishes.

… my primary school project. A wasabi volcano.

… salmon sashimi…

… tuna sashimi…

… and god knows what was that.

Rating: 7/10

They have some pretty interesting dishes on their menu, aside from the slightly pricier sushi compared to other kind of Japanese restaurants. Though they don’t serve the likes like what you can find in Sushi Groove. They even have the rare tuna belly (toro) sashimi, which was quite costly. I’d love to, or be able to, try it someday.

We were given a RM20 cash voucher for a RM100+ bill. Which I think was a pretty good attractions and to have returning customers.

Lat: 3° 8’54.62″N
Long: 101°36’57.23″E