Daimon Okonomiyaki, Low Yat Plaza

Posted: 2008-05-19 by W in 6.0 - 6.9, Eat, GPS, Japanese, Lunch, Non-halal, Non-vegetarian

Today was an off day for me, my ex-colleague suddenly ask me to go Low Yat Plaza with him. We have not had anything yet before heading to KL, so we had to bear with the hungry and the minor traffic jams. Besides, we couldn’t decide on what to eat until we entered Low Yat Plaza from the basement parking. It was when I saw this shop, which I used to frequent with my gf back then.

… I think mine was the Hiroshima okonomiyaki, with a cheese on it.

… my ex-colleague, couldn’t bear with cheese, due to his high-blood pressure, so he ordered something spicy, sans the cheese.

Rating: 6/10

They were really good. It was so long ago since I last had them and sorta got scared with them, because I had it almost twice a month, at least. I haven’t had the real authentic okonomiyaki from Kansai before, so I can’t really judge if they were supposed to taste like these. But having it once a while would made you ask for more, rather than having it too often and causes you to loathe it later.

Location: N3.14428 E101.71014

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