Dinner @ Santi Cafe, Bali

Posted: 2008-05-16 by W in Dinner, Eat, Halal, Non-vegetarian

Dinner on the 2nd day was at Santi Cafe. It was by the beach side. So, enjoy the sound of waves while having your dinner. As well as watching planes taking off and landing, as the airport was visible from where we were seated. Be wary about getting sand into your shoes though

… upon arrival, we were given a full coconut as welcome drink.

… each of us were given a plate of rice, they were rather sticky and not appetizing.

… yes, each of us have a plate of this seafood platter. It has fish, crab, some squids on it. I heard this is usually a costly dinner. Fortunately, it was part of the travel package.

… did they serve us alien crab? I never seen piece like this before.

Rating: 7.5/10

The food wasn’t that nice, especially the fish. It was tasteless. I had to scrape off the outer layer of the fish, which was the only essence of taste for the whole piece of fish meat. Otherwise, it’s worse than eating a slice of bread. We had to share our vegetable, because the seafood platter doesn’t include vegetable. About 2 adults shared a small plate of vege, which doesn’t taste good either. The reason it scored higher was because of the way the food was served. It made them looked premium. Imagine each has their own plate of seafood, with 1 whole crab (anorexic crab). It definitely scored on the fun factor.

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